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At the Vet

Unleash your pet's happiness.

Modern compassionate care & well-being for your pets starts here.

What Makes Us Different

Specific care

Each pet is different. So are their needs. Your Urban Vet will tailor diagnostic and treatment plans specific to your urban animal.


We pledge to always be open, honest, and dedicated to your pet's health, happiness and lifelong well-being.

Full Service

UrbanVet is a full service animal hospital, providing everything from annual exams, routine dentistry to complex surgeries. Our Newport location also offers Urgent-care/ ER services.

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Exceptional & modern facilities, same homey feel

Every pet like our own

Choose An Urban Pet Plan

Yorkshire Terrier

The Urban Dog

A wellness plan for our urban patients - which include office visits, core vaccines, and other preventative medicine perks. One of the best part of being an Urban Pet is the discounted after-hours virtual consultations - from anywhere, anytime. The Platinum plan goes beyond preventative care measures and covers things like teeth cleaning & annual labs.

Cat on Green

The Urban Cat
coming soon

The feline wellness plan will cover your kitty's all preventative care needs in the clinic. And your pet will also enjoy discounted after-hour online consultations 24/7. Cats are notorious for hiding signs of pain and sickness, the Urban Cat Platinum membership stays ahead of invisible diseases with free annuals blood tests & more. 

modern urban vet_edited.jpg

Rethinking pet care because they deserve no less

A modern approach to the same science backed knowledge. We are not your ordinary veterinary office.

Easier and faster care gives you more time with your pets.

- Virtual Care 24/7 -

Our Members enjoy 24/7 veterinary virtual care from the comfort of their home! Try Now

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