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Your pet will get a full nose-to-tail examination to ensure your pets health. Any vaccinations or other services recommended will be curated for your pet based on their specific lifestyle & risk factors. 

Keep your furbabies covered. 

Apart from routine health exams, keeping your pets vaccines up to date is another major shield in keeping your pets free from diseases. We at Urbanvet understand that not every pet requires the same series of vaccines. This is why your Urbanvet will discuss your pets age & lifestyle with you and tailor a specific vaccine regimen for your pet.


At Urbanvet our doctors will create a balanced schedule for the needed protection for your pet, while not over-vaccinating. Are Plus and Platinum wellness plans will cover all of these annual vaccines.* If you're unsure of your pets vaccine history, and your pet has received vaccinations from a different veterinary care provider, it is always best to bring in documentation to review with our veterinarian to determine if your pet is due for any new vaccines.


Did you just adopt a new pet? 

Puppies, kittens, and adult pets with no or insufficient vaccine history, must receive a series of properly staged vaccines. This is particularly important for the young ones due to their developing immune systems. Call our office today or make an appointment to discuss the best regimen for your pet based on the lifestyle you plan to chose for your new friend.

During this visit, we also recommend (included in Wellness plans):
  • Twice yearly intestinal parasite screening

  • Flea/Tick/Heartworm prevention (heart worm screening in dogs)

  • Wellness lab panel (when indicated)

Puppy/Kitten vaccines not included in wellness plans.

Did you know?

You can become an Urbanvet member, that provides you access to coverage which includes complete comprehensive preventative care for your pet?

Learn more here.





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