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Compassionate care
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You will find your UrbanVet clinics fully staffed with experienced veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, and a warm and friendly front desk team. We are all pet parents who understand the integral role pets play for families and we aim to treat your pets as if they were one of our own. This is the guiding principle behind our commitment to providing the best possible care for your pets with the utmost compassion.

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Urban Vets for Urban Pets

We are pet owners, just like your self. Most of us were pet owners before we were part of the veterinary field. We understand the special bond between humans & animals and all the concerns and hesitations a pet owner can face. Your Urban vet would like to partner with you to best enhance your pets health and life within your means and comfort. We provide solutions which are modern, individually tailored, and transparent - no surprises here!

Let's work together & provide the optimal life our furry family members deserve.

Dr. Raj Garhwal

Dr. Raj's love for animals began when he was just a small farm boy in India. He had the privilege of being around many different kinds of creatures and developed an intimate bond with them all. This passion for pets led Dr. Raj to pursue veterinary medicine, leading him to achieve his Doctorate at Virginia Tech's Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2017, Dr. Raj became Head Veterinarian and Medical Director at Greenwood Animal Hospital in Seattle, Washington - a position he still holds today.


Dr. Raj has observed the veterinary industry up close and personal for over a decade, noticing what it lacks in innovation and customer experience. To bridge these gaps, he created Urbanvet offering pet owners access to 24/7 virtual veterinary services and surgeries at budget-friendly prices. His mission is clear: ensuring that no pet owner should ever be concerned about their adored animal's health or well-being!


Dr. Raj's goal is to make pet care accessible and affordable for all. To achieve his mission, he desires to break down the barriers between veterinary assistance and those who need it most. Furthermore, Dr. Raj seeks to enable every pet owner with the data and tools needed for the optimal health of their beloved animal companion. Because of Urbanvet's modernized solutions tailored to each individual case and their commitment to providing transparency throughout the process, Dr. Raj is confidently on track to making his dream a reality! 

During his free time, Raj relishes precious moments with his family - including his wife, Arushi, and three-year-old son, Viraj. On his days off, you can find Raj and the whole family on an adventure to the zoo, the beach, or wherever you can find fun, friendly creatures! 🐾


Dr. Hersh Garhwal

Dr. Hersh, younger brother to Dr. Raj, has loved animals from a very young age, helping his parents with farm animals and caring for the many pets they had as a child. From there it grew into a lifelong passion for helping all animals, from the common to the most unusual.


Dr. Hersh earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the modern and  exceptional Midwestern University after completing his Biomedical Science degree from University of Washington. At Midwestern University he was privileged, and proud, to be part of their small animal focus curriculum. This allowed him ample experience before even graduating vet school. For instance, performing 52 surgeries by the end of second year, where other schools commonly allow experience with 3 surgeries. This spiked a particular interest for surgery, however Dr. Hersh also has interests in preventative care, emergency medicine, and internal medicine.


Being in the industry and around animal his entire life, he believes in strengthening the human-animal bond. He believes pets are part of the family, and should be treated as such. His vision transformed to reality upon joining his elder brother to create Urbanvet. Your furbaby can expect lots of love and treats, and a through examination during their visit.

Outside of work Dr. Hersh loves spending time exploring the outdoors hiking with his husky, riding his motorcycle, listening to and producing house music, and hitting the gym. He will always love dogs and cats, but sees himself owning couple horses, and other farm animals like goats in the near future.

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