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Up-front and  transparent pricing

Urbanvet strongly believes in transparency.  Our prices for services such as wellness exams, dental cleanings, and spay/neuter surgeries are competitive and fair. We work with insurances, and also offer payment plans and financing options to make veterinary care accessible to all.


Office Visit   


During an office visit at our clinic, a veterinarian will do a comprehensive nose-to-tail physical exam of your pet. Our veterinarians will examine your pet's body condition, eyes, ears, skin, and more, in addition to taking vital signs.  


Cost $100


Urgent Care/ Same-Day $150

Cat and Dog Vaccination.png

$ 45 - Rabies 1 year
$ 60 - Rabies 3 year

Rabies vaccine requires a physical examination by law prior to administration.


All inclusive prices on Common Surgeries & Dentistry


At our veterinary clinic, we understand how important your furry companion is to you, and we always prioritize their well-being. Our team of experienced veterinarians and staff perform dog and cat neuter and spay surgeries with utmost care and compassion. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your pet's safety and comfort throughout the procedure- come visit our facility and look for yourself! You can trust us to provide the best possible care for your beloved companion. 

$ 821 + Blood test

This cost is all inclusive, which includes visit, anesthesia, monitoring, surgery, and medications. 

Pets in heat or pregnant require additional time and expertise and incur additional fees. 

Although rare, complications can arise during surgeries, and sometimes even require additional care in cases of emergency, which can incur additional cost for the safety of your pet.

Dog Neuter surgery

$ 760 + Blood test

This cost is all inclusive for a routine dental prophylaxis, which includes the visit, anesthesia, monitoring, equipment, dental exam, deep cleaning (teeth & beneath the gums), scaling & polishing. 

Pet's with more advanced dental disease may need extractions, which icurr additional fees based on the type and quantity of teeth. 

Nail Trim

$ 30-35 

Anal Gland Expression

$ 35

Heartworm Test

$ 60

Fecal Floatation Test

$ 60

Allergy Shot (Cytopoint)

* Weight dependent

$ 92.40 +

Image by Charlie Deets
Image by Charlie Deets

We make

Pet Travel Effortless

Travel with your pet anywhere without hassle.

International Health Certificates
Domestic Certificates

Sign up your pet for Membership

Urbanvet Members enjoy low deferred monthly costs on the gold-standard preventative measures in the industry.

Prices & perks vary based on the Membership plan.

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