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Grey Cat

More Wellness, Less Hassle

At Urbanvet we believe in preventative measures to encourage a healthy and long life for our patients, giving you the opportunity to maximize the amount of time with your fur-babies. To keep your pet healthy and ahead of common diseases, we have curated optimal wellness plans that keep your pet healthy, and reduce the stress of annual lumpsump bill for simple wellness & preventative care visit. 

Our advanced digital healthcare system & efficient protocol helps us lower our cost which is passed on to our members! Enjoy low deferred monthly costs, & the gold-standard preventative measures in the industry.

Membership Benefits

Concrete Wall

Simply select the plan that fits your budget & preferences

Enjoy all the perks, with no hidden fees!

Man with Cat

Since signing up my indoor kitty, Sam, under the membership, I not only get to enjoy more time with him hassle-free, I also sleep easy knowing I am taking care of all his primary care at no additional cost. I love how easy it is to talk to someone.

Jake Mullins, New cat owner

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